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This is a comprehensive list of projects that I care about


Software consultancy that helps companies grow product adoption, which predicts retention, upsell, cross sell, and repeat purchases.


Services include: building educational content, creating robust onboarding strategy, running adoption campaigns, customer journey mapping, tying customer health to adoption/renewal, marketing automation, tool selection, content strategy and implementation, webinar strategy and implementation, video production, and data analysis.

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Local Business

Started a business with my brother to help my Dad stay in his home, as he suffers from Parkinson's and needs around the clock care. 

Ocean Pines Handyman offers painting, yard work and leaf removal, carpentry, home maintenance, and odd job services to the local community.



Follow Megan and I's journey, as we traveled across the US in our fully renovated RV. Every month, we posted an update, which includes pictures, a post, a curated Spotify playlist, favorite places we visited and more.

It was truly Our Adventure Home; we recently ended our RV trip and settled in the San Diego area!


In the near future, I will be launching a blog, where my goal is to charge a subscription fee for people in software to learn best practices on how to drive product adoption at scale and improve a company's risk-adjusted ARR. 

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